Inês Valle

Lives & works between Portugal, United Kingdom and Nigeria.



Candidate - MA Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy, Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.



Indigenous Studies: Australia and Aotearoa NZ

organized by Huia Tomlins-Jahnke — Associate Professor of Māori Education at Massey University & Maggie Walter — Associate Professor of Sociology of the University of Tasmania .

2009 - 2013  MA Curatorial Studies

Partnership between the University of Fine Art of Lisbon (FBAUL)

and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Master Thesis: “Thinking outside the label ‘aboriginal’”

Merit Scholarship (University of Lisbon)

First Class Honors

2000 - 2007 BA of Visual Arts

(Painting, Video, Photography)

Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Lisbon



2019 Founder & Artistic Director - VENTO SUL - A cultural Program (PT) 

2019-20 Chief Art Curator & Strategic Partner- VELVENOIR (AUS)

2018 Art Advisor for Africa & Australasia - VELVENOIR (AUS)

2018 (since) Co-Founder & Curator FRAT Biennial& Lab (NIG)

2016 (since) CEO / Founder - the Cera Project (UK/PT)

2016/17 - Curatorial and Project Manager - AoK (UK)

2015/17 - Art Writer – Art journal Free For All (NZ)

2016 - Co-Founder and Curator of N'WE COLLECTIVE

2015 - Art Writer – since April. Online Art Platform#500words (NZ)

2014-19 - Curatorial Consultant at TAFETA & Partners (UK)

2013/19 - Writer, Wall Street International.

2014/15 -  Curator at Omenka Gallery (NIG)

2011 -  Assistant Curator at Canberra Contemporary Space (AUS)

2011 -  Curator in Residence, Casa dell Arte (TUR).

2011 - Assistant Curator at CDAP (Non-profit art Institution) (PT)

2011 - Curator and Producer Assistant at Centro Cultural de Belém  (PT)

2009/10 - Curator Assistant of the Shadow Curator Nuno Sacramento in the following art projects: Artistic Platform: Collective of collectives’ – NÓ (Co-founder); Community Art project: The Community; Collaboration Art project: Systems; Publications: Manual do Lugar of Carnaxide, Sesimbra and Lisbon.


Talks & Conferences

Talk: Colonial Architecture and Contemporary Preservation of Historical and Domestic Buildings.

in collaboration with Delano's Architects 

Annual Conference "Brazilian Descendents"

at Community Center in Lagos Island
Lagos, Nigeria | 30 March, 2018

Art Talks - Idile Project

Organised by ArtHouse Residency, Lagos

at 16by16 Art Space, Lagos, Nigeria | 26&27March, 2018

Workshop & Portfolio Review

in collaboration with Kitso Lynn Lelliott

Organised by ArtHouse Foundation, Lagos

at British Council Nigeria Arts, Lagos, Nigeria | March, 2018 

Talk: Tattoo and its impacts in society (Ed.Programme of the exhibition Unforgettable (you!))

Christophe Beauregard (Photographer), Wayne Joyce, Rebecca D. Harris (Artist), Mary Fisher (Survivor's Ink), Jessica Graham (Survivor's Ink,  Scott McFarnon (Singer) and Inês Valle.

at NR Project, London, United Kingdom | 17 November, 2017


MA Art and Design for the Public Space (MADEP)

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (Portugal)

Sala 401, Pav. Carlos Ramos | March 17, 2016 | 6pm


Conference about the work of Vasco Araújo - April 25, 2015

a conversation between Inês Valle (curator), Isabel Carlos (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation director), Vasco Araújo (artist), José de Guimarães (artist and art colector) and Nuno Faria (CIAJG director) on the occasion of the exhibition “Demasiado pouco, demasiado tarde \ Too Little, too late” at Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães (CIAJG), Portugal.


Conference: The Indian Émigré – April 18, 2015.

Pablo Bartholomew (Photographer), Inês Valle (Art curator), Ana Paula Fitas (Anthropologist) at Orient Museum, Lisbon, Portugal.


Conference: A aposta na internacionalização: sistemas, circuitos e redes de circulação artística – April 17 ,2015

Conference Políticas Culturais <<Vivas>> problemáticas atuais  > on the occasion of the Cultural Programme “O Lugar da Cultura - DGArtes Conferences”, Fernando Pessoa Room at Centro Cultural de Belém, Portugal.


Paper:Contemporary Dreaming, 1st International Conference: Santuários, Cultura, Arte, Romarias, Peregrinações, Paisagens e Pessoas, 8—14 September 2014, Alandroal, Portugal



Selected Courses\Workshops


Curatorial Research Residency, Museu da Marioneta (PT).


- Sustainable Development and Migration Goals (Journalism) 

Sara El-Khalili and Vittorio Longhi

Thomson Reuters Foundation/United Nations | Athens, Greece


- Indigenous Studies: Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)

organized by Huia Tomlins-Jahnke — Associate Professor of Māori Education at Massey University (New Zealand) and Maggie Walter — Associate Professor of Sociology of the University of Tasmania (Australia).

- Seminar 3 - Researching Gender Inclusion:Interdisciplinary Methodologies, Gender Inclusion in Contemporary organizations, ESRC Funded Seminar Series 2015-2017

June 2016, University of Essex


- Introduction to Cultural Studies: Culture, Technology & Power. The course is written and delivered by Dr Debra Benita Shaw and Dr Stephen Maddison, Co-Directors of the Centre for Cultural Studies Research, and hosted at Open School East, London, UK.


- Deep Listening workshop [Listening, Performing, Transforming], lectured by Ximena Alarcón - Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW), Scotland, UK.


- Conference: Beyond the Former Middle East: Aesthetic, civil society, and the politics of representation – Whitechapel, London.

- Conference: 10 Years on: Art and Everyday Life in Iraq and Iran – The Mosaic Rooms, London.

- Workshop: MOVABLE BORDERS: THE REPOSITION MATRIX with David Young, Furtherfield Gallery. London


- Conference: Hans Belting & Andrea Buddensieg - Global Art and the Museum project historians and curators, WHERE IS CONTEMPORARY ART?,  Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Lisbon, Portugal.


- Workshop - Shadow Curating: The community, Curator Nuno Sacramento – FBAUL, Lisbon, Location Guide: Carnaxide – March to April 2009.

- Workshop - Shadow Curating: Practical project in contextual Curating  (June to July 2009), Curator Nuno Sacramento – Sociedade Filarmónica José Gomes Cordeiro, Lisbon.

- Human Rights Course, Museu da República e Resistência, Lisbon.

- International Seminar: Indonesia and Portugal: Past, Present, Oriente Foundation, Lisbon.


- Conference “Women in war scenario, 40 years, a story with a future”, Museum - Museu da República e Resistência, Lisbon.

-  Workshop - Shadow Curating: Critical Reflections on an International Practice > Curator Nuno Sacramento, FBAUL, Lisbon.

-  Workshop - Shadow Curating, > Curator Nuno Sacramento – FBAUL, Lisbon.


- Course: Fundraising and Sponsorship of Cultural Projects, Rui Matos, Agostinho da Silva Association, Lisbon.

Curatorial Projects



A Home for you - Permanent Art Collection "Movement" (co-curated with Alexandra Schafer), Switzerland


- The Fire of Ideas at Museu Berardo (Portugal)

September 2018 unti January2019.

- FRAT (First edition) - Art Biennial (Nigeria)

October, 2018.



Christophe Beauregard (France), Joana Choumali (Ivory Cost), Kaja Gwincińska (Poland), Rebecca D. Harris (UK),  Kaja Gwincińska (Poland), Steve Hines (UK), Chaim Machlev aka DotsToLines (Israel), Chibuike Uzoma (Nigeria) and Survivor's INK Archive (USA). 

NR PROJECT, London, United Kingdom | November-December, 2017


Tattoo Artists: Ryan Smith (founder of the Kaos Theory), Benjamin Laukis, Jay Freestyle, Jenna Kerr, Jorge Becerra and Julien Siebert.

NR PROJECT, London, United Kingdom | 2017

- Harris Nukem: Humans - A Series of global seminars

the NR PROJECT, London, United Kingdom | August - September, 2017


Tattoo Artists: A++Void and Paul Goodwin

at NR PROJECT, London, United Kingdom | 25 July - 08 August, 2017


Tattoo Artists: Carola Deutsch, Hanumantra, A++Void

at NR PROJECT, London, United Kingdom | July, 2017


- We Are all the "OTHER" - A Series of seminars

the CERA PROJECT, August, 2016

- A Very Thin Line (co-curator Mafalda Budib)

the CERA PROJECT, UK - 21 July - 17 August, 2016


the CERA PROJECT, UK - 21 April - 20 May, 2016

- Before, Before & Now, Now, ( Co-curator Dr. Charles Gore), Mira Forum, Campanhã, Portugal - 19 March-27 April, 2016


- WolofJollof (Folakunle Oshun), National Museum Lagos, Nigeria.

- Avatāra Suites (Leo Asemota), TAFETA & Partners, London, United Kingdom.

- Alheava - Transporto Sempre Uma Viagem (Manuel Santos Maia), Mira_A4, Porto (Portugal)

- Collaborative Project: Portugal: People of Indian Origin – an intercultural dialogue [1st Phase: May-July, 2015] (Portugal)> Collaboration project with the Indian photographer Pablo Bartholomew about the Goan communities in Portugal. Financially supported by Fundação Oriente, Portugal []



- Project Whose Centenary? – Public Art Project - December 3-7, Igun Street - Benin City (Nigeria); Collaboration with the University of Lagos and with the University of Benin.

ART STAB´S POWER – que se vayan todos!

Bermondsey Project – London (UK) - July 17th – 3th August, 2014 [Financially Supported by Crisis (London)]- Plataforma Revólver - Lisbon (Portugal) - May 15th to June 26th, 2014 [Financial Partner Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation]

Gently I press the trigger (Khaled Jarrar)

Galerie Polaris – Paris (France) - May 20th – 3th August, 2014

Gallery One Palestine – Ramallah (Palestine) - May 27th – 3th August, 2014




Collective exhibition - November to December

Monastery São Martinho de Tibães, Braga (Portugal)

Financially Supported by DGartes – Region of the North



Good Morning in Torba starts at 2.53am in Portugal

Collective exhibition - June - July

Casa dell Arte, Torba (Turkey).



Hot, Fast and Post-Human (Aldo Peixinho)

March, Drop D Space, Lisbon (Portugal).



Articles & Publications



- (Catalogue) Essay (PT/EN) Property of White [Perceiving a space in between], occasion of the solo exhibition "Double Poetic" by Joana Gomes at Galeria Belo-Galsterer (Portugal)

- Essay (EN) "A Home For you", a collaboration with Alexandra Schafer (Austria)


- Essay (EN) Gives Us Pause #There Is No Meaning If The Meaning Is Not Shared,  occasion of the art  exhibition "Conexões Femininas" [by Ana Maria Silva, Lola Keyezua e Rita GT.], [12-07-2016 > 26-08-2016], Galeria Banco Económico (Angola)


- Interview with Jimmy Saruchera: The real change has just started, published in NZ, South Africa, Portugal and UK.

- (Catalogue) Essay  (PT): MSM: Alheava - transpondo sempre uma viagem, Espaco Mira_A4, PT.

- Essay (EN): AYAYRAY: Victor Ehikhamenor, TAFETA.

- Essay (EN): Unblinking Images: Yinka Shonibare, TAFETA.

- Catalogue Essay (PT): Joanna Lakta: MUDANCA, EXIGE-SE, exhibition: Storyboard (printmaking and drawing) – June 14 – October 18 at Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro, Portugal

- Art Review: Out of Lebanon: Saloua Raouda Choucair. (Published at #500words- New Zealand).

- Essay (EN): Khaled Jarrar: Walls or fences are symbolic erections of seemingly power. (Publication: 1st Annual Art Journal Free For All, New Zealand).

- Article (PT): Pablo Bartholomew e The Indian Émigrés : O fotógrafo indiano retrata a realidade de seus compatriotas em todo o mundo. (Published at WSI Magazine)



- (Publication) Paper (PT/EN) - Contemporary Dreaming I International Conference Santuários, Cultura, Arte, Romarias, Peregrinações, Paisagens e Pessoas;   8—14 September 2014, Alandroal, Portugal

- Art Review (PT) - Choices, Frieze Art Fair London. (Published at Arte Capital Magazine).

- Art Review (EN) - Choices, Frieze Art Fair London. (Published at Omenka International Art Magazine, 2014)

- Art Review (EN) - ARE MAPS SHIFTING?, 1:54 CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN ART FAIR, London. (Published at Omenka International Art Magazine, 2014)



- Art Review (PT/EN) - Love will tear us apart, International Photo Festival Encontros de Imagem, Portugal and Brazil. (Published at WSI Magazine, UK)

- Art Review (PT/EN) - The Power of Objects, Exhibition Origins of the Afro Combs, 2 July - 3 November, at Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK. (Published at WSI Magazine, UK)

- Art Review (PT/EN) - Walls or fences are symbolic erections of seemingly power; Exhibition “Whole in the Wall” at Ayyam Gallery, London. (Published at Arte Capital Magazine).

- Art Review (PT/EN) - Out of Lebanon: Saloua Raouda Choucair, Exhibition “Saloua Raouda Choucair” at Tate Modern, London. (Published at Arte Capital Magazine).

- Art Review (PT/EN) - Nakba: Memories from Unfinished Stories, Exhibition: 40 Days of the artist Dor Guez, The Mosaic Rooms, London. (Published at Arte Capital Magazine).

- Art Review (PT/EN) - Rawiya_ Aquela que conta a história, Exhibition: Realism in Rawiya – Photographic Stories from the Middle East of the female collective Rawiya, New Art Exchange, Nottingham. (Published at Arte Capital Magazine).

Grants & Awards
2017 - SDGs Workshop granted by United Nations/ Thomson Reuters, Foundation, Greece.

2012 - Merit Scholarship reward, University of Lisbon.

2011 - Portuguese scholarship sponsored by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture’s program INOV-Art.

2009 - Prize for the Arts, Marquês de Pombal Foundation, Portugal. (Honourable mention).

2009 - Photo Competition, Marquês de Pombal Foundation, Portugal. (Honourable mention).

2009 - Painting 'Oeiras' 2009, Portugal. (Honourable mention).

2008 - Photography 1st Prize "Architectural Heritage of Oeiras', Aciprestes Palace, Portugal.