NR PROJECT will exhibit at the 13th International London Tattoo Convention 2017 three curatorial projects organised by the art curator Inês Valle, which focus on stories that make us unique in a globalised world.


Two curatorial projects will be presented as a virtual reality experience, where the audience is transported into our space in East London, visiting the studio and gallery, observing our Tattoo Artists working but also, interacting and observing two exhibitions as they physically were there.


The first, a performative exhibition, There Is No Present Like Time, questions usual suppositions associated with tattooing, which tend to be a personal expression of someone’s life story on their own body. The performance features several tattoo artists, who will publicly share a personal story that made a tremendous impact in their lives and work.  The British tattoo artists 

Hanumantra and Paul Goodwin for this project have designed unique body suits, that will be exhibited as immersive visual experiences, where 3D animations of their designs are projected onto bodies of contemporary dancers, that slowly are revealed to the public.

The second, a virtual tour of the solo exhibition is called Haris Nukem: Humans. It shows his most recent personal projects, which explores levels and perspectives comprising of a young, impulsive and empowered tribe. Furthermore, Nukem's work displays our inner animal states, which are matched only by fragile and sober contrasts. From candid sensibilities to provocative emotion, Humans is a journey through the most powerful of Nukem’s work.


The last project — Unforgettable (you!) is an ongoing curatorial project that aspires to divulge how tattooing can impact someone’s lives and increase their self-confidence. This exhibition will show three art projects inside a black box at the Tobacco’s Dock Art Gallery:  "Individualized" , a 3D projection mapped onto a human body by DotsToLines;  "I went to seek the path of my body,"  a documentary directed by Inês Valle about how being tattooed radically impacts people’s lives; and a selection of the Survivor’s Ink archive that disclose powerful stories of human trafficking survivors and how tattoo art can have a bigger purpose in someone’ skin.


NR Opening - Friday 2pm

Live Performance “Individualized”

designed by Chaim Machlev aka DotsToLines 

and performed by Kaja Gwincinska


Live Performance times:

Friday: every hour from 2pm

Saturday/ Sunday: every hour from 1pm





at 13th London Tattoo Convention

Dock's Gallery


Curator: Inês Valle


Alex Moro


Chaim Machlev aka DotsToLines


Haris Nukem

Kaja Gwincińska

Paul Goodwin

T Dan

Survivor's Ink



22-23-24th SEPT 2017


The 13th edition of The International London Tattoo Convention, the most exciting, anticipated and resoundingly successful celebration of body art in the world, has been confirmed for the weekend of 22/23/24th September 2017 at Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, London E1W 2SF.


Over 400 of the most prominent, talented tattoo artists working today, handpicked from every corner of the globe, are set to attend this prestigious and highly acclaimed event, tattooing in a dazzling and diverse range of styles. From Western Traditional and Japanese tattoos to stunning photo-realistic styles and traditional hand-tapped motifs, the very best examples of every tattoo style will be on display. 


Drawing on the overwhelming success of our previous shows, 2017’s edition of The International London Tattoo Convention is set to be our biggest and best yet with exhilarating live acts, breathtaking entertainers and show-stopping bands lined up for the weekend; watch this space for further announcements – you won’t want to miss out!